One reason why home decor is important for your health.

One reason why home decor is important for your health.

Your Environment is important and in so many ways caring for your space is like caring for yourself. 

We are all aware that the environment we live in is important - a negative feeling in our home can make all the difference to our attitude to life and all daily tasks. This also extends to any garden space - having a happy healthy outdoor space can have a huge impact on your mental well being.  Some feel great pleasure from growing plants from seeds or even growing their own food. 

But lets take this back inside shall we, the choices we make when deciding on home interiors are really very important, we need to make sure our home suits us as individuals and encourages down time and relaxation when we are in our home space. 

In the current climate - choosing to buy your home interiors with small independent businesses is a huge help to the economy and those small business owners who do a little dance when an order is placed. I know I do! They often source more unusual home decor pieces too so that you are getting something that your neighbours probably wont have. Lets not forget about up cycling old furniture too - its great for the environment and can be very therapeutic - saves money too. 

Remember - we spend a lot of time in our homes (especially during a pandemic) therefore we need our homes to be a place of happy memories, respite and also a reflection of who we are. Whilst everything else in the world might seem uncontrollable - your home decor is totally in your control, and in taking control of it and creating that beautifully designed space - you are in turn creating a happier mind!