New Cushion Inners for the Perfect Cushion Chop

New Cushion Inners for the Perfect Cushion Chop

Yay - we are now in the process of replacing all of our cushion inners so that you can create the perfect cushion chop - Mrs Hinch Style. 

Moving forwards, all of our cushions will have a luxurious feather inner, which is super soft and comfortable and really easy to manipulate into that lovely chop on your sofa. 

Your cushion chops will be the envy of neighbors for sure, especially with one of our leopard or tiger cushions. 

So keep an eye on the the cottage home interiors Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on when our current cushion collection become chop friendly, currently, we have the jungle fun leopard cushion and Tina the tiger cushion with feather inners. 

Don't forget to share your pics of your perfect cushion chops - we love to see them!