New Lockdown rules and Brexit changes -  Is everything 'ok' ?

New Lockdown rules and Brexit changes - Is everything 'ok' ?

With the new lockdown restrictions coming into play last week - lots of families face a much quieter Christmas than they first planned. Understandably - this initially leads to disappointment and upset. But on a positive note - lots of us can stay safe at home, cosy and warm with our immediate families, eating a great home made Xmas lunch. 

Fortunately for The Cottage Home Interiors, our business will not be affected by the new measures and will continue to bring you Sid the sloth table, our amazingly quirky cuckoo clock and of course all of our perfect gift collection. We are a family run business from home so we will never be affected by lockdown changes. 

Now, moving on to Brexit changes, currently we hold a good quantity of stock so the shipping issues that are currently taking place wont impact us immediately - our wholesales also guarantee good quantities - we will of course update you on this via Facebook and Insta if we need to. But for now please order away and tale advantage of our 10% off discount code and our free delivery. 

This will be our last Blog before Xmas so we wish you all a very Happy Xmas and thank you all for your support.