Our Ever Increasing Home Decor Stock Lines

Our Ever Increasing Home Decor Stock Lines


Currently our stock lines mainly consist of all things fabulous in the home. Our pieces are generally not on the high street. We have the quirkiest lines, from sloth and koala tables, flocked candelabras, lots of leopards, zebras and even dalmatians, and the prize of the show has to be Ophelia, our Octopus table. We also have lots of other decorative accessorizes too. 



We want to keep our home decor stock as new and exciting as possible. We are constantly searching new wholesalers and product lines to suit our eclectic home theme. At the moment for example, we are settling on our cushions, trying out new colours and themes to see what you like. It seems the Leopard and Tiger cushions are always going to be a big hit and we can get more!

Next, I want to look at candles, I love candles and I know you do too. So I would love to find a great supplier who can make us some of the most beautiful candles for our store. We current only stock candelabras and tea light holders so to stock candles would be a great addition. 


Well, times are constantly changing and so are trends but rest assured, I keep my eyes peeled day and night for the latest home trends to make sure our stock matches the current fashions. You will not miss out. We also plan to make a few changes to our packaging, but that's a treat for our next blog, so watch this  space.