Our Promise to you during another Covid 19 Lockdown.

Our Promise to you during another Covid 19 Lockdown.

Can we continue to get the quirky home decor pieces to your door when the country is in Lockdown due to corona virus ? 

In short the answer is of course, YES! Our small family run home decor store is all run online so we have no shops to close, we run our business from our home so we are always here, even more so during lockdown, which actually means orders are processed even faster than they were before. And that was super fast too. 

We have plenty of stock and due to reducing our carbon emissions (see other blog post) we are reducing wholesale order to one per month. However, the wholesalers remain fully working and our January order arrived very quickly. 

If you have read our blogs on mental health and home decor (I will link one below)  then you will know that we understand the importance of purchasing, fixing up your home and getting home decor pieces in order to have a distraction and keep a positive mind. Therefore we are aiming to get new pieces regularly to keep our stock fresh, for example, this month we added Sid the sloth tables friend, Keith the koala table and also Lana the Leopard Ceramic Vase. Both are very fun, vibrant, quirky pieces to keep your eyes busy.

Posting and Packing

Before we process any order, our hands are washed and then sanitized. We understand the importance of safety measures to prevent the spread. We also wear a mask when processing orders to reduce droplets being transferred to packages. We are a small family business, so it is only myself or my husband that process orders so rest assured we will never cut corners. 

It really means a lot to us that you continue to buy your candelabras, side tables and decorative accessories from us, we hope our pieces make you happy, they also make us very happy and running the business is what we love to do. 

So stay safe everyone, keep well, and if you have any questions at all then please do use the contact us page. 

Link to blog 2 on mental health and home - others are there for your reading too.

decor https://www.thecottagehomeinteriors.co.uk/blogs/news/reason-two-why-home-decor-is-important-for-your-health?_pos=7&_sid=54d4110c3&_ss=r