Reason 3 - why home interiors are important for your mental health

Reason 3 - why home interiors are important for your mental health

Reason number 3 

If we refer back to a previous blog post

then we are starting to understand the importance of our home decor choices and our mental health. We have learnt that soft furnishings and carefully chosen decorative accessories can change the mood of a room and ourselves. 

So today we look at reason number 3 and are focusing on sensory stimulation 

Sensory stimulation and home decor 

We have learnt how important the things we surround ourselves with at home are. It is so easy to find mass produced items but we often do not feel fulfilled with these as they can be samey and can sometimes be cheaply made and of poor standard. It pays to search online or in stores for home decor that is personal to you and more unique to your style and preferences. Why is it so important to choose carefully what coffee table you use or which cushions you put on your sofa ? Well, when we have spent time considering our purchase, we are often more impressed with the items and love to see them in our homes. Each time we walk in to that room we are filled with the pleasure and excitement of when we purchased it. This makes us feel good and accomplished! We Like that doe we. 

Felling happy makes are brains feel engaged and we need that from our home decor and home interiors. So go ahead search your online home decor stores, find that quirky coffee table, unusual candelabra or some extra grand book ends for your office and let the stimulation from your home decor begin!