Reason 5 - why home decor is good for your mental health

Reason 5 - why home decor is good for your mental health

Making a difference. 

In the current climate, with Covid 19 still causing havoc and another lockdown upon us, it maybe has us all thinking about positive changes and making a difference. 

These changes can begin in our homes. We need not needlessly decorate and buy furnishings in order to make these changes but put time and thought in to our creations, the feeling of achievement will be much greater. Spend some time researching colours and pop all your ideas down in a book or ideas app. Use them to search the web for the home accessories you need. Whether that is a fun cushion, a quirky candle holder or even something bigger like a side table or clock, spending time on the choices you make will pay off in the end. 

If you really want to make a difference when you shop, use small independent businesses, your purchase will mean the world to them. You can even search for businesses who are making an effort to be green (see our blog on the changes we are making), we are reducing delivery days so that we can reduce our carbon footprint and always looking for other ways to help the environment.  

So, to sumarise, its good for us to look to make a difference in the world - starting in our homes, we should put time and effort in to our home decor choices, perhaps using a smaller business and help them to grow. A positive feeling about the home decor we have chosen will inevitably help us feel happier in our homes and at the moment, during lockdown 3, this is where we spend all of our time so it is so important we get the ambiance in our living space right. 

I for one have so may decorative accessories that make me smile every time I look at them, my Leopard Cushions being one of those items.