Reason number 4 - why home decor is important to your mental health.

Reason number 4 - why home decor is important to your mental health.

The story so far....

Please take a look back at previous blogs to see reasons 1-3 of why home decor is important for our mental health and well being.  It's so important as we enter another Covid-19 lockdown that we are mindful of our state of mind and seek out ways to keep our mind healthy. Here is a link to reason 3.

Doing Something Positive in our homes...

Once again, we are all at home, some are trying to work from home, others are trying to home school, some are trying to do both. This can take its toll on our mental well-being and its important we take steps to minimise this. Reasons 1-3 in our previous blogs look at how improving our homes with lovely decorative accessories and home decor pieces we can create a peaceful vibe in our living spaces and thus create a peaceful mind. 

It can feel like the world around us right now and is a little out of control and this can be worrying and cause anxiety. Your home should rectify this and be a p;ace of safety and calm. Decorating, or just re-jigging a few things in a room can be a big distraction and will stop any restlessness. It also makes your home feel fresh and vibrant again. This is a good thing when we are spending so much time there. 

Focus on one room at a time so as not to take on too much, choose things that make you feel positive and happy and accessories, colours that you love and soft furnishings that are cosy. Positivity really is key here!

Using a small business is a great way to spread the positivity, it helps them to grow and maintain their business, and therefore gives us a sense of achievement and helpfulness. So search online for that small independent business that stock unusual and maybe a little quirky home decor pieces for you home and help them whilst helping yourself. 

So go ahead, buy that vase you always wanted, or get that coffee table so you can enjoy your coffee break, but don't forget to use a coaster :).