Reason two - why home decor is important for your health

Reason two - why home decor is important for your health

A sense of achieving something 

As we know from one of our previous blog

home decor and creating a peaceful environment in our home is very important for our mental well being - having quirky decorative pieces can help us feel safer at home and proud of our space too. 

So in this blog we move on to reason two of why home decor is so important for us to maintain a happy and healthy mind. As humans, we like to achieve, we strive to do well and like to produce a finished article. Why should this be any different in our homes ? Taking on a big project - one big fixer upper - or even just a little change to our home decor here and there. It helps us to succeed in that sense of achieving something great and therefore helps our mind feel more fulfilled. 

So fill your home with things that make you feel comfortable and happy, home decor that is fun and refreshing, quirky and a little traditional. This doesn't have to be huge pieces, little coffee tables, clocks and candle holders are the perfect way to personalize your space. 

If you, like so many, struggle for inspiration, use social media platforms, search engines and magazines to help inspire your creative flare. Soon, the ideas will come flooding in and your home will be a wonderful display or your personality. Be careful not to over do it though, as clutter is not too beneficial for a clear head space. And if you get to a point where you don't have space to sit down - you may have gone too far.  

To summarise - our mental well being is vital, we spend a lot of time at home and as humans we love to feel we are achieving something. We can hit all of these nails on the head with home decor - taking an unloved, un-characterful space and injecting a little cuckoo clock, sloth table, octopus furniture mania to the party to bring your home to life.