We promise to work towards lowering our carbon footprint whilst delivering home decor to your door!

We promise to work towards lowering our carbon footprint whilst delivering home decor to your door!

New years resolutions.....

Have you set yourself a goal or target for the new year? Tradition has it that millions of people do. As a new business relying on deliveries to us and then delivering to you, we wanted to do our bit for the environment and vow to reduce our carbon footprint in 2021. 

Reducing our carbon footprint but still delivering excellence ...

The first thing we are going to focus on to help us be a bit more 'green' is deliveries. We are going to address this two fold...

1) We will place only one order per month with our wholesalers - therefore reducing the number of trucks coming out to us. This requires good stock control on our part but may mean that are best sellers, like our octopus and easy assemble side tables, flocked candelabras and animal head vases such as Zelda the zebra vase may be out of stock whilst we adjust. Currently we do have plenty of stock so hopefully we have got it right!!

2) We will begin posting out parcels only two days per week. Currently we have a delivery van here most days picking up parcels, this will no doubt be increasing carbon emissions. To help reduce this, sending out parcels only two days will mean a van can come on a Tuesday and a Friday and take all of the home decor orders that have been placed in between those days. This will also reduce traffic in our area but may mean that our customers wait a few days more for their orders. We hope they don't mind though as we all pull together to do our bit!

So this is our focus for January - once we have this nailed, we will move on to phase 2! 

We know how important it is to be able to order online and get your quirky home decor delivered to your door but we also know that as a new business we want to help our planet and do so in ways that wont affect our customers too much. We think these ideas are really positive and ultimately mean you can still order you ginkgo leaf table or your cuckoo clock and still be helping the environment by ordering from The Cottage Home Interiors.