Why do we love cushions so much ?

Why do we love cushions so much ?

Cushion Addict ? 

Are you like me? Do you have cushions all over your sofa, bed, window seats, dining chairs, anywhere where you can fit one? Well I don't think we are alone, cushions and soft furnishings are so very popular these days but I wanted to explore what makes us buy more cushions. 


When we are shopping, either in person or online, we are attracted to the colours we like most, these colours may be the colours we already have in our home, therefore when we see a cushion that also has that colour on it, it ticks a box in our head, justifies its purpose and jumps into our cart. This cushion will go perfectly in the lounge and therefore we feel we have found a great treasure. 


So many cushions these days will have an animal on them. Our collection if full of animal cushions, we love animal decor. We have leopard cushions, tiger cushions, flamingo cushions and a whole range of more rural ones on the way like cows, dogs, pheasants and foxes. We all have a favorite animal and when we see these animals it can make us feel happy, therefore we again have a leopard cushion in our cart. But what can we do, we love leopards and he needs a home and will just look amazing on the window seat. 

Soft and cosy

In a previous blog we mentioned the importance of creating a cosy space at home, especially during covid lockdowns. What better way to do this than with a collection of soft furnishings that make us smile. Opening the door to your lounge and seeing your favorite throw with your best buy cushion with a tiger on it instantly makes you happy to be home, with a sense of fulfillment and joy too. 

Cushions are an easy buy and not too expensive either, they are a home decor quick fix. With so many to pick from these days though, the real problem is selecting only a few.